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Firearm Info

We are a Federally Licensed FFL for the state of Pennsylvania. PA flag

We can only sell firearms to PA residents, or through an authorized dealer in your home state.
You must be a PA resident, have a valid government issued photo ID, go through and be approved by the PA instant check system and be willing to pick up your firearm at the shop.
You must be 18 years old for long gun transfers and 21 years old for hand gun transfers.

If you have purchased a firearm on etc... and need to transfer it to yourself:
Send us an email with the seller's full name, address, phone and email.
Also send your full name, address, phone and email.
Include the auction number and website and we will take care of the details with the seller.

We charge $25 for long guns and $30 for handguns.

We are a Davidson's Authorized Dealer.
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